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OFILM.Japan is promoting open innovation to accelerate research and development.
We continuously search for novel technologies. We'd love to hear yours.

Current Areas of Interest

  • Compact Camera Module Design
  • Image Processing
  • Image Stabilization
  • Optical Technology

Submission of your Innovation

Use the "Submission Form" to tell us about your company and technology. Please read carefully the following notes before you proceed to the Submission Form.

  • (1) The submission shall not include any information that infringe any right of any third party
    (2) The submission shall not breach any confidentiality obligation that you owe to any third party.
    (3) The submission shall not include any confidential information of yours. (OFILM.Japan cannot owe a duty of confidentiality regarding the information submitted through the submission form.)
  • (4) You may not assert any right against OFILM.Japan based solely on the information you submit through the submission form.
  • (5) The submission does not create any contractual obligation or working relationship between you (your company) and OFILM.Japan
  • We will review and evaluate the information you submit. We will contact you if we want to hear more details. Please understand that we may not reply to all the proposals.
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